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Until it sleeps

Do you know what people feel when they lose valuable information which was stored on their hard disk drive? We do. People often come to us for help; they feel scared, almost panic, with an astonished look in their eyes. If they have a little experience in such problems they try to keep calm. But of course they all suffer the same way!

Indeed, with all the data we restore, we also restore people themselves; we return some important part of them. We are glad that we can help you, but next time you'd better be more careful - protect yourselves and your data. Now it is really that simple!

Protect yourselves and your data

Indeed, hard disk drives go dead. And they go dead too often. Lots of threats are awaiting the hard disk all its life. Some people think that if you always keep the drive inside the computer body and ventilate it with a cooler, it will work forever. But it is not so.

When your hard disk drive is inside the computer body, it is under threat every single moment. And all your information is under threat, too. By installing HDD&DATA Protector you sufficiently reduce the risk of data loss and carrier death.

The essence of protection in brief

We all know that hard disk drives are electromechanical devices with programmed control. All mechanisms are subject to exploitation wear and step-by-step reliability degradation because of deterioration. Hard disk drives are not an exception. Hard disk drive controller microchips, as well as any other power circuits, are subject to heating and momentary faults caused by excessive voltage. Data loss in case of gradual hard disk drive refusal caused by mechanical wear is not so dangerous for any user, as there is quite enough time to copy all important information to another properly functioning drive. In case of a momentary hard disk drive refusal caused by excessive voltage the user of the drive is immediately and fully deprived of access to any data, including the freshest and most important one, which has not been copied to any other data carrier. Of course, the hard disk immediately becomes useless.

Before the HDD&DATA Protector was introduced, there had not been any means of protection from instant refusals. Even today most users hope that their hard disk drive will never burn. HDD&DATA Protector gives you guarantee that your hard disk drive will not be damaged by an instant refusal, prolongs the term of use of HDD and protects your data.

HDD&DATA Protector is not just a voltage stabilizer, but an additional hard disk unit that increases its degree of exploitation safety and fault-tolerance. Head positioning system operating mode is lightened by hardware-based heating reduction of the most loaded units. The stability and capability of hard disk drive is elevated by decreasing power supply interference when reading data; and no bad clusters appear when writing.

At a certain stage of hard disk drive operation (more than two years of exploitation) the intensity of its built-in service data update increases. The destruction of this data also causes instant faults and user data access inability. Noisy signals, bugs and power wrecks of hard disk drive during software setup make irreversible changes in service data if your hard disk is not protected by HDD&DATA Protector.

Advantages of HDD&DATA Protector

1. HDD&DATA protector improves the power supply stability of the connected hard disk drive.

Your hard disk is always subject to energy overloading and power oscillation. If it still does not become apparent in its work, nothing changes. It is estimated by the manufacturer that the hard disk works with power supply deviations less than 5%. In reality, the hard disk constantly works in extreme conditions. Every day your hard disk drive comes closer and closer to death. And then one day it all breaks out:

Natural power circuit voltage swings, low-quality wiring, defective power supply unit and even a sudden switching on of your switch - it all kills your hard disk slowly. But there is also another problem unseen by many users - the problem of hard disk drive neighborhood with other devices inside the computer body. The most powerful CPU, motherboard, cool video card, sound card, modem, TV tuner, video capture device, DVD-RW drive: What other neighbors does your hard disk drive have? Your hard disk won't get away with such neighborhood. All these devices (especially CPU, motherboard and video card) consume much more power than the hard disk. As a result, the power supply unit gives reduced (and sometimes increased) voltage. It all involves the hard disk drive into non-standard situations, microchips and semiconductors on the controller board work in extreme conditions, which are far from nominal, and step by step the moment approaches, when you ask us for data recovery. But you will not need to ask us for help if you attach the HDD&DATA Protector, because it works INDEPENDENTLY from all the other components inside the computer, protects your hard disk drive from voltage swings and heating, normalizes the power supply, and, therefore, protects your data.

2. HDD&DATA protector limits through current to safe values

Today multimedia computer has become a standard. PC users' requirements increase every day. As a result, CPUs, video cards and other hardware become more and more powerful. It is great, of course, but there is a great risk that your hard disk drive will simply burn. Yeah, really! Have you ever heard such a phrase: "The HDD has burnt"? It is not a dream - such things happen every day. The fact is that a power supply unit in a modern computer may give enormous through current to the hard disk, which will immediately turn the controller microchips into a kind of volcano. After the fire goes out and the smoke disappears your data will become inaccessible. No-one is insured from it. Well, almost no-one. You can immediately get the insurance by mounting the HDD&DATA Protector into your computer. HDD&DATA Protector will limit through current to safe values and thus protect your hard disk drive and data.

3. HDD&DATA protector will protect your hard disk drive in case of power supply unit breakdown

Power supply unit breakdown happens more often than you think. If you did not buy a brand model computer, it is most likely that your power supply unit does not satisfy necessary requirements.

Hard disk drive after hot smoking

In case of hard disk drive breakdown anything may happen - the motherboard may burn, as well as the hard disk drive. Even if the entire computer burns down to the last transistor, the monitor cracks and the mouse goes dead, your hard disk drive (with your PRICELESS data, by the way), protected by the HDD&DATA Protector, will stay safe and sound!

4. HDD&DATA protector increases data storage safety by giving the hard disk drive spare time to save it!
Just imagine that you have created a masterpiece and you press enter to save it. When the data gets into the 8 MB cache of the hard disk drive it is saved on its magnetic surface once and forever, you hope. But then a slight power supply loss occurs, the hard disk drive breaks the data writing process off and the computer reboots. It's a pity, but YOUR file was not saved! Just a few milliseconds of stable power supply were needed to save it finally. HDD&DATA Protector gives you enough spare time to save data already stored in cache. And do you need those BAD-BLOCKS which appear after data write errors? Ah, no?!! Then HDD&DATA Protector COMES TO RESCUE!

5. HDD&DATA protector is fully compatible with Intel and AMD-based computers and IDE ATA, SATA, SATA II & SCSI hard disk drives from leading manufacturers

There are no contraindications to installing HDD&DATA Protector. This device is fully compatible with any hardware configuration. Multiple tests and trials have confirmed the reliability of HDD&DATA Protector. We have tested the device compatibility with almost all models of hard disk drives. HDD&DATA Protector is designed to protect IDE ATA, SATA, 2.5 and 3.5 inch standard SCSI hard disk drives. It is supplied with warranty from Nizhniy Novgorod Hard Disc Drive Technology Centre.

6. HDD&DATA Protector does not influence any state of computer work, except for emergency state

HDD&DATA Protector does not slow down the computer work and does not influence any internal and external devices. Your computer works the same way as it used to do. And it works even faster. But now your data is under protection, your hard disk works in a stable mode and you do not worry about the safety of your information. Inconspicuous and reliable - yours, HDD&DATA Protector.

Freshly burnt microchip

7. HDD&DATA protector gives you guarantee that you will not lose tour data.

HDD&DATA Protector is a trademark of a series of devices designed by Nizhniy Novgorod Hard Disc Drive Technology Centre specialists, who have been making researches in data storage and protection area for fifteen years. Nizhniy Novgorod Hard Disc Drive Technology Centre gives you a five year-warranty on HDD&DATA Protector.

8. HDD&DATA protector saves your time, nerves and money.

Data recovery may be a long-term and expensive process. But HDD&DATA Protector is a cheap device which can be installed quickly and easily. Why recover if you can protect?! You really have this ability. Until IT sleeps:

Hard disk drive of extra reliability!

Protect your hard disk and take it easy! HDD&DATA Protector will never let you down.

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